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TV viewing suffers during lockdown, says new research

Shockingly, watching live broadcasts in the UK has increased by 17% since the coronavirus lockdown. In the first three weeks of lockdown the BBC saw viewing numbers increase only by 23%, with more than a third of all television viewing on the corporation’s platforms.

While traditional broadcasting companies are not receiving the viewings they hoped to get. Entertainment streaming sites have become increasingly popular, like Disney + which had almost doubled its global subscriber numbers to 50 million.

Interestingly, there has been a peak in the viewing of “non-broadcast content” on TV sets every day at 9am. Which some say is down to Joe Wicks’ hugely successful child-friendly YouTube workouts.

As theatres, cinemas and museums have faced closure due to lockdown procedures. There have been a wave of plays, operas, ballets and exhibitions being streamed over the internet. For many people, this has brought cultural experiences into the comfort of their homes.

While television may seem to take on an important role during the coronavirus lockdown. This is clearly not being reflected at all. Maybe residents have had enough of hearing about Covid-19 and are instead finding new ways to entertain themselves through light-hearted content. Who knows?

All in all, it is good to switch off from time to time and being in lockdown is the perfect to do so.


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