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The Queens of R&B: Featuring SWV & Xscape

Your First Look at SWV & Xscape: in new series The Queens of R&B

Take look at best selling R&B groups SWV and Xscape in this six-part limited series that pulls back the curtain on the singers' personal and professional lives as they prepare to hit the stage together.

Following their epic Verzuz performance, the ladies of Xscape and SWV reunite once again to prepare for a show that promises to reignite their music careers. There is much at stake for these powerhouse women as they navigate different stages in their lives, both personally and professionally. From celebrating the power of collaboration and sisterhood to pushing to overcome obstacles, there is no shortage of wonder, watching two of the most iconic female R&B groups of the 1990s come together for this multi-part limited series. (IBDM).


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