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The British Caribbean Association (BCA) is a Voluntary organisation of British and Caribbean people formed in 1958 after the Notting Hill riots.

The BCA is for everyone interested in both the United Kingdom and Caribbean Affairs.

It is drawing its membership from all Parties in Both Houses of Parliament, and acknowledges all Citizens of the United Kingdom, of whatever origin or background, to be equal in rights, duties, privileges, dignity and opportunity. In particular, it values the long-standing association between the United Kingdom and the Caribbean and seeks to make the association beneficial to each of them.

Its aims and objectives include the fostering and developing of friendship and understanding between the people of the Caribbean and the United Kingdom, as well as to encourage all forms of mutual aid between the people of the Caribbean and of the United Kingdom.

Particularly, it seeks to achieve four objectives:

1. Providing a meeting place and forum for discussions for responsible people involved in Caribbean Affairs and race relations and an opportunity for formal social gatherings. Members meetings are usually held in the House of Commons.

2. Sponsoring lectures, conferences and other meetings to educate the wider public and to improve mutual understanding between the Caribbean and British people.

3. Influencing government policy in the long-term interests of the Caribbean people both in their Countries and in Britain.

4. To give advice, help and assistance to members, if and when required.

Following the death of the first Honorary Secretary, Sir Leonard Smith CBE, in 1993, it was decided to implement the “Sir Leonard Smith, CBE Charity Award” to honour his long association with BCA and diligent work in many Fields. Since that time financial awards have been made to “The Happy Home” an orphanage in Trinidad, The School for Deaf and Blind in Barbados, East London Black Women’s Organisation, the Montserrat Volcano Disaster and the Sickle Cell research.

Other notable awards in more recent years are to The Royal Society for the Deaf in memory of Flossie Shuffler and the William Ross Murray Scholarship at International Student House (ISH).

Our contribution was to ensure that the first Jamaican Student, Ceronne Lewis, coming to the UK via ISH successfully completed her final year of studies before returning home.

This is a small Charity Award funded by a levy of 50p on all Tickets sold for the Association’s Social Events, Raffles at Social Events and Donations from Members, their Families and Friends.

Associations over the years have been formed with West Indian Standing Conference (WISC), British West Indian Airways (BWIA) and the British Caribbean Chamber of Commerce.

ENQUIRIES regarding BCA are welcomed by the Hon. Secretary Mrs Eleanor Hines and you can contact her on email:

The Annual Membership Fee is £20 (£15 Senior Citizens 60 and older and Unwaged). Donations are always welcomed.

Source: British Caribbean Association


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