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London Based Media Company says ‘New approach to crime and violence is required’

Studies consistently find higher levels of inequality to be correlated with higher rates of youth violence.

A new and exciting organisation has been set up to provide media training, employment opportunities and online broadcasting via a 24-Hour live TV station.

Founded by social entrepreneur Darren Edwards, Content with Creation CIC is a new London based Media platform which has been launched to provide a youth led online TV channel and Media training for East London Youth.

The organisation says issues surrounding youth violence are ongoing and evidence shows a direct correlation between economic disadvantage, social deprivation, self-perception and access to opportunity. Combined with a pressurised environment created by social media, music and negative media representation, many young people are expressing their frustrations in an ‘un-managed’ way, producing content on their phones and other devices, but without a dedicated facility that can help them to harness their skills, find positive routes of expression or develop skills that can lead to income generation.

The organisation is preparing to launch a community focused channel, providing young people with a platform to represent their voice, tackle negative stereotyping and explore solutions through positive content creation such as: documentary, film, Podcasts, and music-based content.

A meta-analysis of 34 studies analysing the relationship between poverty, income inequality and various types of violent crime across a range of geographical areas, have found a clear association between income inequality and all types of violent crime.

They also found closer associations between inequality and certain types of violent crime, with stronger correlations between inequality and homicide and assault for example.

Most recent figures show that in the 12 months leading to June 2021, Police recorded 45,096 knife crime offences in England, 10,383 were recorded in London alone, during the same time period. London still has the highest number of violent offences amongst young people, despite a 31% drop in the 12 months leading to June 2021. When we consider the level of ‘unreported’ violence, the figures can only act as a guide. This shows that new approaches are needed to tackle the root causes of violence amongst young people.

Research also shows a high proportion of people arrested for a range of offences testing positive for drug use. It has been suggested that one third to over a half of all acquisitive crime is related to illegal drug use. This perpetuates a cycle of drug dealing that becomes the main income generator and a difficult cycle to break without intervention.

Edwards says:

“Content with Creation is a hub for media training, mentoring, personal and professional development and broadcasting. We work with young people aged 16+ to develop skills within the creative industries. Alongside their accredited training, our service users can see their work published on our dedicated digital channel. Initially the channel will broadcast online and build a UK wide following. We aim to eventually take the channel onto the digital Freeview platform.”

Darren has a strong ability to connect with young people who have experienced social displacement by drawing upon his own childhood experiences which led to a criminal lifestyle in his youth. Darren uses his experiences and his own background in music as an expressive outlet, to engage with young people who are most exposed, involved, or at risk of criminal behaviour. Combined with our mentoring partnership program, we offer a holistic public health approach to learning and development.

Edwards says:

“Our research shows there are thousands of young people in London alone, engaged in media production on some level, mostly through music and video creation. These young people are often using negative messages to create an impact, and this often follows through with negative visual content. The constant consumption of negative images and messaging has a psychological impact that could be argued to affect a young person’s actions and decision making in real life”.

At the same time, there is a lack of facilities that work with young people to train them in media production, and harness their skills and change the narrative by providing a positive viewing platform that is community led, resulting in a sense of ownership.

Aims & Objectives:

Ultimately the organisations goal is to provide representative programming online, that reflects different cultural and social experiences across all demographics, whilst teaching employable skills to young people across the London boroughs.

Darren adds:

“We aim to raise awareness and address some of the social and economic issues affecting young people by utilising our physical and digital platforms to develop a creative hub for the advancement, interaction and involvement of young people, and contribute to creating better community cohesion. The online streaming industry is booming and presents a range of local opportunities that can reach a UK wide or global audience”.


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