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The adaptation of 'My Name is Leon' is a success for highlighting realism in the 1980s.

The award winning novel My Name is Leon written by Kit de Waal is being adapted into a one off film special for the BBC.


Shola Amoo's first television screenplay is in set in Birmingham in the 1980s which tells the heart-warming and incredibly moving story of a nine year old boy named Leon, who is played by Cole Martin.

Leon is mixed raced boy and his mission throughout the film is to reunite his family after being taken into the care system and being separated from blond and blue-eyed baby brother.

Told through Leon’s eyes, as an audience we follow his journey, which is full of energy and hopefulness despite the hardships the nine year old encounters. In the film we witness the touching relationship between him and his foster carer Maureen. With his favourite action figure Sergeant Smith by his side. Throughout Leon’s adventure, it teaches him many different valuable lessons about himself, such as the world, love, and what family really means.

This film is set against the backdrop of the race riots in the 1980s. This tender and moving tale balances gritty realism with charm and gentle humour, exploring the issues of identity and belonging with both urgency and wit.

Even though this film focuses on realism in the 1980's, notions of the societal challenges back then are still present today.

Fellow actor Michael Kirby shares his feelings on this project: "It’s rare, in my experience, for projects such as this to be made and even more rare to be seen, so I’m really excited and grateful to be a part of it."

This film will resonate with many viewers due its realism on difficult subject matters. Additionally fellow actress Olivia Williams States "This film is a real challenge for me. The subject matter has deep resonance, and my character is both grotesque and very real. I’m so excited to be involved.”

You can now watch the adaptation of My Name is Leon now on BBC iPlayer.


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