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Rapman's new thriller 'American Son', to star Hollywood actor Russell Crowe

British rapper and director Rapman, has announced he will be directing Paramount’s thriller 'American Son' which will guest star Hollywood actor Russell Crowe.

'American Son' is based on the critically acclaimed French film 'A Prophet'.

Andrew Onwubolu also known as Rapman, is on board to direct the movie from a screenplay by Dennis Lehane. Rapman landed this impressive new role after his film 'Blue Story' caught the eye of Paramount executives during the directing search.

'American Son' will be based around a man, who, after falling under the control of a ruthless mobster (played by Crowe) while in prison, builds a multiracial crime syndicate, takes down his mentor, and earns a place for his crew alongside the Italian and Russian mafias.

Raised in south London, Rapman said on Instagram:

"Excited to announce my first CONFIRMED cast member for my new movie 'American Son' multi award winning actor Russell Crowe!! Believe me when I say this movie is going to change the whole game!!"

Source: Variety


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