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Radio DJ recieves LGBT award for role model of the year and reveals she is cancer free

Radio 1 DJ Adele Roberts has been undergoing treatment for bowel cancer for eight months and has revealed that she is now cancer free.

She took to instagram to tell her supporters that this was "the day she had been waiting for" and that hearing such good news left her breathless.

Image credit: Adele Roberts (instagram)

Roberts revealed that she had been undergoing treatment for bowel cancer on October 24th of last year. Throughout her journey she has been extremely open and transparent about her battle with the condition, the journey she has been on and her stoma during treatment.

She paid tribute to other people dealing with cancer and told them how much they had inspired her during her time in treatment writing;

"I am also in awe of anyone dealing with cancer. The courage, the strength, the determination... and at times the humour you have shown has been nothing short of super human"

You've inspired me and given me the fire to never give up. You're warriors and it's thanks to seeing you being so strong that kept me going."

That is not the only victory Adele Roberts has had recently.

For her transparency with her treatment which she has valiantly documented she was named role model of the year.

Adele Roberts and Audrey the stoma on the cover of Women's Health magazine
Image credit: Adele Roberts (instagram)

She has used her platform to raise awareness around cancer and encouraged others to be more aware of the signs and symptoms.

Host Sue Perkins referred to her as a "hero" at the ceremony that took place in London on Friday.

Adele did not attend the event in person but accepted the award via video message saying;

"You've inspired me to do better and to be better... I understand the importance of standing up being proud, not apologising for who you are and just being that person really, that we all needed when we were younger."

"So I hope I'm doing that for anybody who's dealing with cancer."

As a result of the intense treatment Ms Roberts went through she now wears a stoma bag which she has named Audrey.

In may of this year she and her stoma graced the front cover of Women's health magazine in a triumphant effort to break the stigma surrounding her cancer diagnosis.

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