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Ivory Coast: Former first lady Simone Gbabgo launches political movement

The former Ivorian first woman Simone Gbagbo attended a launch event of a political movement to assist her, a step further towards creating her own political birthday celebration for the 2025 presidential election.

She emphasized her "vision of a strong, sovereign, reconciled, modern-day and rich Côte d'Ivoire", hammering out the national motto "Union, discipline, paintings".

Former first lady Simone Gbagbo (C) delivers a speech as she attends an event for the launch of her movement "Mouvement de Generation Capable" in Treichville district. Image: SIA KAMBOU.

"The first thing I invite you to do is to become zealous and dynamic actors of forgiveness and reconciliation. This pact was called "my capable husband", but today we women say that the husband must be capable, but he is not the only one who must be capable, the wife must also be capable," Simone said.

In June, Mr. Gbagbo returned to Abidjan at the arm of another female, Nady Bamba, his associate since the early 2000s, and filed for divorce from Simone. He additionally intends to launch a new celebration in October.

But in the hearts of supporters, it is difficult to separate the couple politically.

"She knows politics, she is trained, she knows politics well, so if she could one day be the president of Ivory Coast, there is no problem.," a supporter said.

Thierry Sery, supporter of the Mouvement des générations capables :

"This is the time to support the person, she has done everything for us, she has lived through difficult times for the Ivory Coast," another supporter said.

The global crook court in July said it had dropped its arrest warrant for Ivory Coast's former first female Simone Gbagbo.

She additionally received amnesty from President Ouattara after an Ivorian court docket sentenced her to twenty years in prison in 2015 after she turned into charged with undermining country security.


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