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Grime and drill artists working to help fight Coronavirus

Grime and drill artists are using lyrics like, "Keep your salivas" and "take this ting serious". In their music videos to help promote social responsibility during Covid-19.

While some are voicing there being a lack of clarity in the government's announcement. Others, are holding authorities accountable for their perceived failure to protect marginalised communities hit hard by this virus.

Grime and Drill music has been part of UK's 'urban' music scene, since it came about in the early 2000s. Grime emerged as a fusion of garage and jungle music, which has now led to mainstream success for artists like Skepta, JME, Big Zuu, Wiley and Stormzy.

On the other hand, UK drill was influenced from Chicago, United States where it is originally from. Drill has become popular over the years, for its street scene, balaclava identity and violent lyrics.

Despite both grime and drill music, receiving backlash from the government as encouraging anti-social behaviour and links to the rise of knife in the UK. Artists are showing their creativity through public health messages that are short, sharp and entertaining.

Rap artist Lady Leshur, released a track on YouTube called 'Quarantine speech'. "I'm tryna catch some flights not coronavirus" and "wash them hands" raps Lady Leshurr.

The 2016 MOBO award winner for Best Female Act, said on her YouTube channel "This is my take on the COVID-19 pandemic that the world is facing. Although this is me being playful how I usually am, there is a serious message - to stay at home, save lives, and save the NHS".

Similarly, drill artist Psychs rapped in his song 'Spreadin' . A message on staying safe and maintaining social distancing. "Please don’t hug me, please don’t spud me, we can make a handshake using our feet, we can make a handshake using elbows, knees".

With all that is happening right now. It is good to see that grime and drill artists, are doing their bid to help inform people on how to keep safe.

Source: The Conversation

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