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"Educating Next Gen" campaign launched to support students from diverse backgrounds

The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation has launched its first fundraising campaign called "Educating Next Gen", devised to support diverse students from all educational institutions based in England and Wales.

The campaign aims to assist these students in realising and achieving their own potential educationally and professionally.

Ultimately, the fundraiser will increase the number of young people that are helped (from under-resourced and under-represented communities and ethnic backgrounds) who are currently supported through education, confidence-building, scholarships, diversity leadership events, interactive skills-based workshops, and more intimate mentoring sessions.

The goal is to create a more diverse and prosperous workforce in the following years.

Image credit: Brixton Blog

To date, the Foundation has been able to provide scholarships to 50 young people from different social and ethnic backgrounds who have studied at 50 academic institutions in the UK - students have attended institutions including the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Kent, through to state schools such as Walthamstow School for Girls.

On 18 July 2020, the charity also launched a "Black Leadership" scholarship for black student leavers via their new website as part of a triple initiative launch.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the killing of George Floyd, the significance of the Black Lives Matter movement has been highlighted and has continued to encourage discussion on race and racial inequality. Initiatives such as those provided for by The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation helps achieve a more equal playing field between members of Britain's black, Asian and minority ethnic communities and their white counterparts.

Discussing the fundraising campaign "Educating Next Gen", Lambeth Equality Commissioner said: "[It] is an investment in our next generation alongside social justice, fairness, equality and diversity".


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