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Commission launched as evidence of racism experienced by Black British Jews emerges

Black British Jews are being invited to give evidence about their experiences of racism in the Jewish community, as part of a new Commission on Racial Inclusivity.

The Board of Deputies made the announcement this week in respect of anti-racism protests taking place across the world, following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

After hearing evidence, the Commission will contact synagogues, schools and other communal institutions to discuss necessary changes to improve the experience for Black British Jewish.

The Board stated, "over the last week, we have heard from a range of Black British Jews that our own communal spaces are not always welcoming.

"We have heard complaints about being stared at in synagogues, being asked probing questions, being given a hard time by security at communal buildings, facing racism in Jewish schools, a lack of racial diversity in Jewish leadership positions and even heart-breaking prejudice in the context of seeking another Jewish partner."

The Board of Deputies welcomes Black British Jews, Jews of Colour and others who wish to take part in this project to contact Anthony Silkoff, on


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