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Brexit Activist targeted by BLM protesters in London attack

Mr Mahyar Tousi, YouTuber and former Vote Leave staffer, made this announcement to his followers on Twitter following the incident he was involved in.

He mentioned that he would explain the ‘incident’ in his daily YouTube channel, as he did a few hours after the attack. During the night in question, Mahyar explained that he was out with some friends in central London and when waiting in a queue to get into a bar he was approached by a BLM activist.

Mahyar admitted that whilst in the queue he was joking around with friends about his skin colour. Meanwhile, the group in front, who were BLM advocates, were unhappy with the comments he made, which led to one individual coming over to confront the YouTuber.

Mahyar Tousi, Political YouTuber and Talk Radio Contributor. Image credit Channel Pages

Mr Tousi then said that “A couple of guys came over and there was a bit of pushing around, nothing too serious. There were just a couple of small punches to my chest.”

Mr Tousi later said: “The Black Lives Matter movement don’t know what they are talking about.

“For their leaders, it’s not about skin colour or race.

“It’s pure Marxism and that’s just their agenda.”

He went on adding: “These are the same people who just half an hour ago were involved in campaigns to do with class war.”

Mahyar Tousi said that according to him, the BLM movement is just part of the “same campaigns that have been going on for decades and decades, but they’ve just changed their names.”

The pro-Brexit vloggers' attack that has been published earlier on Wednesday was not the first time he has been targeted by BLM activists.

Mahyar recalled how activists had called him out for not being “properly black”.

He claimed: “They say to me ‘oh you are not real brown’ or ‘your Uncle Tom’ or even ‘you’re a coconut’.”

Black Lives Matter protesters Brighton. Image credit Ted Jeffery

In Mahyar Tousi daily vlog on Thursday, he addressed the matter to his YouTube audience.

Currently, the pro-Brexit vlogger has around 168,000 subscribers, with around 43 million people who have viewed his content. In the YouTube video, he told his viewers that he did not want to make a “big fuss” as this was only a minor incident.

However, he would also make it clear that this was the first time he had encountered the aggression of the protestors in person.

Unfortunately, Mahyar Tousi is not the first political YouTuber to have been targeted by those from the opposite side of the political debate.

For instance, last year, Guardian Columnist and YouTuber, Owen Jones was assaulted in a pub in North London. It has been reported that the 35-year-old was assaulted by three men as he left The Lexington in Islington on 17 August.

Related to this attack, James Healy, 40, has admitted his role in the attack on Mr Jones, who is gay and campaigns for LGBT rights. Mr Jones suffered cuts and swelling to his back and head and bruising all down his body during the assault.


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