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BBC Sounds brings back the successful 'Brown Girls Do It Too' for its third series.


The award-winning BBC Sounds podcast, Brown Girls Do It Too (Best Podcast of the Year’ British Podcast Awards 2020, Asian Media 2021) is going to be aired for its third season this Friday.

The podcast is hosted by Poppy Jay and Rubina Pabani. This podcast discussed detailed and honest discussions of their sex lives, messy realities, fantasies, sexpectations and navigating life and relationships as British Asian Women in soceity today.

This third series will see that there has been some big changes in both of these women’s lives since the last series. Rubina has became a mother for the first time and Poppy has ended a ten year relationship, and now is exploring the world of dating apps.

The podcast will also include more special guests including: Kama Sutra expert, Seema Anand, Comedian Bella Hull and YouTuber Shaaba Lotun.

Poppy shares her excitement by saying: “I’m beyond excited that we are FINALLY back for series three of Brown Girls Do It Too. A lot has happened since series 2...Rubina and I have gone through some major life changes; she is a new mum and I've decided motherhood isn’t for me. On top of that I am now single after an epic decade long relationship. You can expect our usual brand of trashy humour with lots of tales of funny dates and even funnier moments in the boudoir.”

Rubina highlights what to expect from this third series, she states that: “Motherhood has been a trip and trying to be a sexually active mum is very difficult, you must be quick, quiet and find the stamina on two hours sleep. This series is about what it's really like to have sex after child birth. Expect the same saucy style of chat, but this time from two brown women, in two very different places in their lives.”

Additionally, Brown Girls Do It Too is produced by BBC Audio.

If you are interested in the sound of this podcast, episode 1 of Brown Girls Do It Too, series three is available on BBC Sounds from the 1st of July. The whole boxset of series 1 and 2 can be found here.


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