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Unmissable! YANGA! TV: UK's home for quality African entertainment - now for streaming

In case you missed it...

At this time where divisions and differences are finally being recognised, access to a channel that creates and provides content specifically for African diaspora communities is a nice and very much needed change.

Image credit Yanga! TV

YANGA! TV is the award-winning home of quality African diaspora entertainment which has brokered a deal with Vision 247 and can now be streamed in the palm of your hand via the VisionTV app.

YANGA! is a broadcast channel created with the sole purpose of providing quality African entertainment for the African diaspora and beyond. ‘Yanga’ is West African slang used for positive self-expression which stands for self-pride and collective celebration. YANGA! was launched in 2018, and is available on Sky channel 186, Freeview 264, FreeSat 171 and the VisionTV app. YANGA! provides a mixture of original and much-loved African content showcasing the best in traditional and contemporary African culture.

Image credit Yanga! TV

After YANGA! first burst on to TV screens in April 2018, aiming to bring the best of Africa focused content to the UK and Ireland, the innovative initiative first distinguished itself from other cultural channels with its unique mix of acquired and original programming on Sky TV.

With the help of Vision 247 (a London based broadcast services provider, offering cost effective integrated end-to-end broadcast, IPTV and CDN solutions for accessing the broadcast market) YANGA! is now available on Freeview and can reach millions more via the VisionTV app, which is freely available on Android and iOS, in addition to the 17.5 million homes that already use Freeview. VisionTV can also be accessed via the internet at

YANGA! TV can be easily accessible via Freeview, viewers only need a compatible Freeview TV set, and an internet connection.

Image credit Yanga! TV

The channel has proven itself agile in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, pivoting to share relevant and topical information through fresh original programming. These include Y! Community, a programme keeping African communities connected with news, hot topics and life hacks, and Your Voice, a live debate show where the hard hitting issues of today are discussed.

Recent topics have included the feeling of historical statues linked to racial oppression and the next steps for the Black Lives Matter movement. YANGA! Puts the viewers first, inviting their opinions and giving them and community leaders a platform to share their opinions. This content has proven popular across the UK African diaspora and beyond, as the mix of drama and discussion has exposed traditional Nollywood lovers to dynamic debates about the world today.

Image credit Yanga! TV

In the current climate where stark contrasts have been uncovered in coronavirus mortality rates in black and Asian communities, and the UK embarks on an uncomfortable conversation about race, channels like YANGA! are now more important than ever. After only 20 months YANGA! was crowned as the nation’s ‘Favourite Black Broadcaster’ at the Screen Nation Film & Television Awards and continues to create content for the African diaspora.

Give a watch at YANGA! TV on Sky channel 186, or FreeSat 171, VisionTV app ( or Freeview 264.

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