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UK's COVID-19 tracking app criticised as health workers warn second wave

The UK's coronavirus tracking app is already under way. But despite such technology development, health workers warn without clarity on government strategy the UK could suffer a second deadly wave.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, referred the new app as the “world-beating” programme to test and trace those suspected of having been in contact with people who have tested positive for COVID-19 would be in place by June 1.

The app is currently being tested on the Isle of Wight, off the southern coast of England where the government says more than half the residents had downloaded it.

The coronavirus tracking app did present technical issues, but it is advised that traditional measures of social distancing would need to take place until it works.

Tracking and tracing those contracted with the virus, is seen as crucial technique to preventing a second wave of the pandemic.

But Britain’s new system has faced criticisms by The NHS Confederation, a group that represents the health service’s organisations. They argue the United Kingdom is at risk of a second jump in cases without clarity on government strategy.

“The relaxation of restrictions based on scientific advice is the right approach but it must be accompanied by an effective test, track and trace strategy which enables us to monitor local spread of the disease,” the confederation said.

"To achieve this we must have national, local and cross-agency involvement. Without this, we do face the risk of a second wave of infections."

Source: Reuters


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