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UK residents clap for carers for one last time

UK residents have come out to their balconies, windows and front doors to clap for carers, for what is understood to be the very last time.

Despite this week being the tenth time the clap has taken place, the founder says she will not continue after this as she thinks she has achieved her goal.

Annemarie Plas, announced it will be her last clap, as she mentioned it is time to find other ways to help society. Last week, Annemarie said the event had become too heavily politicised, saying that this week feels like a good time to end it.

Clap for carers was initiated to show gratitude and appreciation to NHS and care staff who have been working on the frontline to tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

However, many have argued that the gesture is patronising as people are demanding the government to provide workers with more PPE and to reward frontline staff with pay rises.

Clap for Carers said on Twitter:

"Tonight's applause will be the 10th and last in the #clapforourcarers series. Join the nation for one final time and show appreciation to our #bravekeyworkers and #NHSheroes, who have worked endlessly to help us stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic⁠!⁠ #clapforcarers"

Annemarie Plas told Good Morning Britain today that she didn’t want to discourage others from clapping, should they want to. She also said the reaction to the weekly clap had ‘been really overwhelming to see’.


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