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UK-Portugal 'air bridge' could kickstart tourism and save the British summer holiday

Talks over the creation of an air bridge between the UK government and Portugal are reportedly taking place in an effort to kickstart international travel and revive the tourist industry.

These talks come as the British government confirms that as of June 8, anyone arriving in the UK is required to self-isolate for 14 days, regardless of symptoms.

Air bridges, also known as bilateral travel agreements, are being considered amongst countries that have a similar COVID-19 infection rate.

In some instances, the UK's response to the coronavirus outbreak and its high death toll has caused hesitation amongst some countries to allow Brits into their borders.

Image credit: Liberal Dictionary

Cyprus, for example, will ban British tourists from entering the country when it reopens to holidaymakers on June 9. Kickstarting its holiday season in a two-phase process, the UK will not make either cut.

Although talks are in the initial phase, the establishment of an air bridge would enable both British and Portuguese holidaymakers to make use of the corridor.

If agreed, it would be the first air bridge between European countries.


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