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Trevor Phillips pushed to be removed from BAME deaths analysis

Public Health England is being pushed to stop Trevor Phillips from partaking in an analysis about the reasons behind the disproportionate death toll of ethnic minorities due to coronavirus.

The pressures come from a letter sent by the British Islamic Medical Association and countersigned by 15 additional BAME medical organisations that embody tens of thousands of doctors in the UK.

The letter arrived after Mr Phillips designation for the Public Health England assessment of coronavirus deaths.


Mr Phillips has now undergone his party suspension and an investigation process, as he has been accused of Islamophobic comments and has additionally critiqued the antisemitism management of the Labour party.

The communication has been delivered to the health secretary Matt Hancock too, claiming: "The involvement of BAME peoples will be integral to the analysis”.

"We desire Public Health England to certify an in-depth and sincere examination to be conducted, to be published without deferral and to remove Mr Phillips’ participation.”

"A fitting candidate recognised by medical authorities from a BAME background needs to be found."

Source: Sky News

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