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The lockdown is compounding our collective anxiety and making us feel lost or alone.

During difficult times like the one we are currently collectively facing in 2020 it can often feel hard to find moments of joy. We are faced with traumatic news updates that can often feel overwhelming.

For those of us who are working or run a business we are still trying to maintain our workflow under uncertain circumstances and it can all feel so stressful and confusing. There is also an underlying pressure to carry on as usual despite the very real fact that everything we are currently going through is unusual there is no way of knowing what our "new normal" will look like after this.

This pressure can compound our collective anxiety and make us feel lost or alone. This is why it is so important to show ourselves compassion and be empathetic to others wherever possible. Finding joy during this time is key and though it may not always be easy, allowing ourselves to be joyful not only offers us hope but it can be soothing, reassuring and uplifting. Having conversations is one way that we can find joy and this conversation with Marverine Cole on her Fabulous Woman Podcast is an example of this.

We looked at our coping mechanisms and what our collective “new normal” looks like. I believe that it is important to give ourselves the space to feel the fullness of our emotions and so finding joy is not about denying our pain, sorrow or sadness during this time, for me it is about keeping ourselves hopeful and mindful that we can heal and get through this. Tune into our conversation here which is the first episode of the second season:



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