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The Home of Cultural Brands for British African & Caribbean Shoppers

Partner with us and we'll take your brand to the customers you want to reach. We are the only Black British Platform that also distributes information and targeted advertising campaigns across digital and social media Platforms.

Our member alerts are distributed to our subscribers and to a network of regional media outlets, Black media platforms, blogs, radio stations and digital publications, media professionals and journalists.

Find out more about advertising on the website or in our digital publication Urban Kapital Magazine, published monthly with targeted distribution across London, The Midlands and North of England.

“We had to create something in the media space for Black people, professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs and academics...Nothing existed in the media space for educated, sophisticated, intelligent Black people. So we created Urban Kapital”

Every client or partner that books an advert in Urban Kapital Magazine, also benefits from targeted social media posts and adverts that engage your customers and drive traffic to your business or website. Talk to us about getting the most out of your campaign, whatever your budget, we can support you.

T: 0203 774 1262

If you think you have an interesting or inspirational story to share with our readers, or you would like a slot on our brand new Podcast, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us an email and we'll be in touch. E:


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