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Taliban Spokesperson, Zabihulla Mujahid calls Afghan refugees to return home and guarantees their sa

Image Credits- Reuters

Taliban Spokesperson Zabihulla Mujahid calls all Afghan Nationals to return to their home country and asks them to not be afraid as Taliban policies have allegedly ended the war. He says, “We are against reassuring you to come to your homes and come back to your jobs and your normal . There is no danger for you. Our policies have finished war in our country. We don’t want any kind of war, this our policy.”

He also iterated that the Taliban's are “80%” sure that there would no fighting” and particularly called out United States of America for causing chaos in the country and shooting people in crowds. He said, “We have stopped stopped Afghan Nationals to go because it is crowded and there is a danger that people could lose their lives as Americans are targeting people in crowds and shooting at them.”

According to the Taliban spokesperson, America is trying to use the crowd to reduce the crush by aggressive means. While Pentagon reports from United States of America enunciate that there is “no change” to the deadline, 31st August to complete evacuation and US Admiral John Kirby states that the evacuation mission must be, “done by the end of the month.”

The Taliban have emphasised that only foreign nationals can evacuate until the determined deadline. An official also says that around 50,000 people including Afghans and foreigners have been airlifted in the past 10 days from the country.

Italy proposes an ad-hoc committee formation for the upcoming G-20 grouping conference to widen the Afghanistan debate to gain alliances and support from closely located countries like China and Russia.

The Taliban will not extend the evacuation deadline for foreign nationals and foreign military or any other foreigner in the country. They have also placed strict Islamic ‘Sharia Laws’ under which Women could be have limited rights. For instance, they are bound to certain dress codes which includes wearing a Burka and also covering their faces in public. Talibans have been ambiguous regarding the women’s rights that can expertise within the framework of Sharia Law.


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