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SheaMoisture relief fund helping black female salon owners stay afloat during COVID-19 pandemic

Image credit PBL Magazine

A £40,000 relief fund provided by SheaMoisture is aimed at helping female minority salon owners in business during the coronavirus pandemic.

Black and ethnic minority communities are most likely to feel the economic impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak, especially as black people are more likely to work in industries such as hospitality, dining, and leisure, that have been so severely impacted by the virus. Those who have kept their jobs are more likely to work in hands-on, front-line roles that put them at continual risk of exposure.

Where black people tend to experience a more uneven recovery from economic recessions compared to white populations, grants that exist to keep black-owned businesses afloat are vital during this period until life returns to 'normality'.

The SheaMoisture UK Commerce Relief Fund will gift three grants of £10,000 and five grants of £2,000 to minority-owned female salon businesses.

Image credit: SheaMoisture UK

Successful candidates for the grant were required to demonstrate how their business supports the community and would help staff, as well as how the company will elevate future business goals and can positively adapt their business during the pandemic.

To further support those selected for the SheaMoisture UK Community Commerce Salon Relief Fund, SheaMoisture UK has teamed up with WCAN - a hub for the personal and professional development of black women throughout the UK.

Besides the financial aid, black female-owned businesses will also be supported with money management, sourcing investment, and business acumen sessions and networking opportunities with people and mentors who can push their aspirations forward.


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