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Schoolboy Tony Hudgell raises 10k for fundraising challenge

A schoolboy has raised an incredible £300,000 by setting himself a walking challenge despite having both his legs amputated as a baby.

Tony Hudgell was inspired by the efforts of Captain Tom Moore and decided to set a challenge of walking 10k throughout June.

Days into the challenge, Tony past his target of £500 reaching more than £300,000.

Tony seeks to donate the money to the Evelina London Children's Hospital.

Staff at the hospital helped to save the five-year-old's life after he suffered abuse at the hands of his biological parents.

Tony is also aiming to walk between 300m and 500m each day this month to reach his target.

Adoptive mother Paula Hudgell, 52, said she has been left speechless by the support. She said, "The hospital is our second home and a massive part of our lives. We are so proud of him and that we're able to give something back to the hospital that saved his life."

"His walking has improved so much in just one week, it's incredible to see," Paula added.

To congratulate his efforts, Tony received a special message from Captain Tom's family.

In the message, the family said: "Hello Tony, on behalf of Captain Tom and the entire family, we wish you all the best on your 10k walk. We are so proud of you."


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