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More than 7000 sign petition condemning Vile Clarkson’s misogynistic Meghan rant

The TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson who was accused of racism before departing the TV show Top Gear – has come under fire again, this time for his abusive, misogynistic comments aimed at vilified duchess, Meghan Markle.

Image Credit: Yahoo

In the strange, disturbing rant, Clarkson shares a ‘fantasy’ that Meghan Markle is publicly humiliated, by being paraded naked in the streets with people throwing s**t at her! A scene, he says, comes from the hit show ‘Game of Thrones’.

The Sun, published his vile comments on 16 December. He wrote that he dreamt of the day Meghan Markle would be made to parade naked through Britain while the crowd chanted “shame” and threw “excrement” at her.

Social media has seen a massive surge in support for Meghan, and commenters have condemned the vile nature of Clarkson’s comments, and their concern about the implications around women and violence. A petition has been launched on and today (19th Dec.) has over 7,000 signatures.

The presenter has also been condemned by his own daughter and a host of high-profile celebrities and politicians, Sadiq Khan to Nicola Sturgeon, Carol Vorderman, and John Bishop have all spoken publicly and expressed their disgust.

Dr Velma McClymont - Writer/Director/Publisher of WomanzVue wrote:

At a time when violence against women and girls is on the increase, once again the royal family is at the centre of another Meghan Markle bullying scandal. Make no mistake, this misogynistic attack on a mixed heritage woman should be condemned by anyone who believes in feminism and racial equality. For a woman (Camilla, the Queen Consort), who publicly champions domestic violence, to allegedly host a “knees up” attended by Jeremy Clarkson and Piers Morgan (Markle’s fiercest critic), this lack of genuine awareness of women’s oppression by a white patriarchal media speaks volumes about “performative allyship” vis a vis domestic violence.

For women who spend their working lives challenging male violence against women and girls, there is something problematic about the Queen Consort partying with two middle aged men who constantly bully a young woman who is a victim of sexism and racism (misogynoir). The question is this: when will most white feminists wake up to the fact that their “silence is complicity”? Have they forgotten the case of Caroline Flack, who took her own life? Or are they saying Meghan Markle is ‘not like us’ and deserves to be bullied by a cohort of white men and women, too, who have a symbiotic relationship with the royal family?”

Clarkson’s responded to the comments, saying that he ‘will be more careful in future’, but no genuine apology has been offered by the 62-year-old, who claimed that ‘everyone his age feels the same way’ about Meghan Markle.

The independent published a response from Harriett Williamson, that seems to sum up the view of most decent people in Britain:

“The fact that a privileged man like Clarkson is able to use his platform in a national tabloid to outline how much he despises Meghan – who has shared experiences of racism in the royal household and at the hands of much of the UK press – and share his fantasy about her degradation and humiliation is, frankly, sickening”. Read more

We are so disgusted with the comments – and the man himself, that we chose not to publish his face on our platform.

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