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With millions living in war zones, coronavirus is a catastrophe in the making

Families living in war-torn countries do not have the luxury of staying home in self-isolation, social distancing, or washing their hands with soap.

Yemen hospital worker. Picture credit: The Intercept

At the hospitals that are still functioning in Yemen, Syria and Gaza, ventilators and even beds are scarce.

More than 15 million families bracing for the COVID-19 pandemic across these regions have access to fewer than 1,700 ventilators and beds, says a new report from Save the Children.

International Development Minister Karina Gould announced last week that Canada would contribute $50-million to the World Health Organization and other bilateral aid as a part of a $1-billion coronavirus response package. Some of the funding, Ms. Gould said, has been allocated to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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