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Mexico: plane and truck carrying drugs in flames

Mexican military officials declared just yesterday that they discovered a small plane from South America in flames after it made an illegal landing on the Yucatan Peninsula, possibly carrying hundreds of kilos of illegal drugs.

Nearby, military officials added that they also found a truck carrying drugs that appeared to be cocaine, packaged into 13 parcels weighing 30 kg (66 pounds) each, and likely coming from the same plane.

The governmental authorities explained that the plane had landed in the state of Quintana Roo, home to popular beach resorts like Cancun. The truck was found nearby afterwards.

A plane suspected of carrying drugs was reportedly set alight after allegedly being intercepted by soldiers on Federal Highway 184 in Quintana Roo state, Mexico, according to local reports, July 5, 2020 in this still image taken from video. Image credit REUTERS/via REUTERS TV

With an estimated value of more than 109 million pesos ($4.9 million), the loss would have a “significant” impact on criminal organizations, explained a statement from the Mexican military authorities.

Broadcaster Milenio, which showed footage of the plane half burnt out on a highway surrounded by dense vegetation, reported that the plane had arrived from Maracaibo, Venezuela.

However, the Venezuelan government did not reply to a request for comment to have more information about the accident.

($1 = 22.3850 Mexican pesos)

Image credit La Prensa Latina Media


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