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Met's Counter Terrorism unit investigate Dr Shola death threats in vile racist letter

Lawyer & Activist Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (Twitter)

The Met’s Counter terrorism command yesterday (21st February) released a statement confirming their investigation into a suspected ‘right wing’ terror cell, after Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu took to Twitter to share a disturbing racist letter that included threats to kill her, and her family.

She tweeted:

I have received “a serious threat from National Action London” notifying me of their “intention to kill” me & my family. They name my husband & home address. They don’t consider killing me ‘murder’ they call it an ‘execution’. This letter was through my front door.

Dr Shola is an outspoken anti racism campaigner, lawyer and activist. She is known for her morning commentary on popular mainstream media channels and her twitter feed is often lively with controversial responses to her tweets.

Dr Shola publicly shared the letter, which claims to be from a group called “National Action London Cell” alongside a message that she said is typical of the vile abuse she receives.

Adding a copy of what appears to be an online submission form filled with vile, racist name calling, she added:

"I have also been receiving calls on my mobile & as soon as I pick up, the caller drops. Ignored but it happened quite a number of times recently that I felt irked enough to mention it to my husband that it was weird/annoying but I didn’t dwell on it

I get messages like this a lot".

Shocked by the graphic racist and violent content, thousands of people took to twitter to show their support for the mother of three, including activist and Guardian Columnist Owen Jones and Soul Singer Beverley Knight.

The Met Police responded to the post and shared the following statement:

‘We are aware of letters sent to two people which contain vile racist and transphobic language, and threats. The letters are said to be from "National Action London Cell". We are taking this matter seriously and an investigation is under way’.


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