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Lewis Hamilton becomes first black British driver to win 100 F1 races

Lewis Hamilton wins a thrilling race at Sochi, 2021. Credits: AP

The "wonderful moment" of Lewis Hamilton winning his 100th Formula One race at the Russian Grand Prix on Sunday has been described as "amazing."

Hamilton, 36, used his driving and overtaking ability, as well as his strategic thinking in the rain, to come from seventh place on the first lap to win a historic race.

He is the first driver in history to win 100 races. His black heritage makes this achievement extra special.

His sixth victory of the season, and his first since the British Grand Prix in July.

"It's taken a long time to get to 100, and there were times when I didn't think it would," the British driver added.

"It's an enchanted moment. I could only have hoped to still be here, to have this chance to win these races, and to share the track with such incredible drivers this late in my career."

"I'm extremely pleased of everything we've accomplished with Mercedes, both on and off the track, and this is a great occasion for everyone involved."

"Last night, my father contacted me, and he has always been the one to reassure me and continue to support me." I'm really appreciative for all of the help I've received."

With seven races remaining, Hamilton has a two-point lead over Max Verstappen in the drivers' standings.

After a dramatic finale, it also denied Lando Norris his first triumph.

Norris, 21, appeared to be on track to hold off Hamilton and become the youngest British Formula One champion.


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