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Leicester lockdown review pending, says health minister

Image credit: Beth Walsh Photography (from Leicestershire Live site)

British Health Minister Matt Hancock said on Tuesday (14 July) the government would examine whether lockdown measures in the East Midlands city could be eased on Thursday, but warned the number of coronavirus cases was still high.

Leicester is one of the most diverse cities in the UK and the largest in the East Midlands. According to the latest census data carried out in 2011, half of Leicester's population identify as white British, compared with 80 per cent nationally. With an ethnically vibrant community and a population that continues to boom, the city of Leicester is a danger zone for COVID-19 based on trends in cases we have seen thus far that are disproportionately affecting members of the black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

Two weeks ago now, a stringent lockdown was imposed in Leciester despite many restrictions being lifted for the rest of the country. The return of lockdown measures followed after a spike in cases of COVID-19 in the city.

Hancock told parliament that: "[He] set out that there is a process for whether changes can be made in Leicester. The process is that we will look at 14 days of data...on Thursday of this week and make a public announcement as soon as is reasonably possible about whether and if any changes can be made on the situation".

Coronavirus cases in Leciester remain well above the rest of the country.


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