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Knife crime hits new high in England and Wales

Since comparable statistics began to be gathered nine years ago, knife crime has risen to its highest level in England and Wales.

Criminal offences involving knives or sharp instruments in England and Wales rose by 6 per cent to 42, 265 in the year to March 2020, 51 per cent higher than when comparable figures began to be recorded in 2011, according to police data recently published by Britain's Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The number of knife-related homicides went from 272 in 2007 to 286 in 2015. Since then it has risen every year.

London, a hotspot for knife crime and accounting for just over a third of knife crime, saw a 7 per cent rise in offences.

A statement released by the ONS said: "The number of homicides involving the use of a knife or sharp instrument in London increased from 67 to 86, a 28 per cent increase.

Image credit: Sky News

While knife crime is on the rise, firearms and burglary offences have seen a decrease in England and Wales, by 4 per cent and 9 per cent respectively.

The increase in knife crime recorded by the police contrasts the longer-term decline in violent crime measured by an ONS survey of the public, which is the lowest since that survey began 39 years ago in 1981. Violent crime is also more than 70 below its peak in 1995.


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