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Jamaica: Nearly 60,000 people left without power following storm Grace

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) says just under 60,000 people are without power.

Reports say up to 100,000 people were out of electricity following damage to their supply system immediately after Tropical Storm Grace.

JPS vow to restore power supply Credit: Jamaica Gleaner

The JPS says its teams will continue working to restore power supply to as many customers as possible.

“Our teams worked throughout the day to complete damage assessment and do critical repair work. Over the next few hours we will focus on energising the lines that have been repaired,” said Winsome Callum, JPS' Corporate Communications Director.

Broken by Grace

Image Credit: Kenyon Hemans

Odaine Latchman tells Jamaican news reporters how he still shudders as he replays in his mind the moment a 40-year-old Mango tree snapped, smashed into the roof and bulldozed his home on Wednesday morning.

The collapsed walls of the six-bedroom zinc and board home in downtown Kingston bore the terrifying signs of the tail end of a day of torrential rain which deluged the island’s eastern parishes this week.

Mr Latchman, was at home with his girlfriend when the tragedy unfolded, The Gleaner reported that he was woken up by a thunderous sound at one o’clock in the morning and discovered the tree inside his house. Residents believe that the wind-whipped tree finally gave way from the waterlogged soil.

Latchman said, “Me hear [the noise] and just drag [my girlfriend] off the bed,” explaining that he had to act swiftly in order to save his and his girlfriend’s lives.

The two had just returned home after the admission of their newborn baby at the Bustamante Hospital for children. They expressed relief that the baby was not there when the roof came crashing down.

Though no life was lost, the tree’s unwelcome visit destroyed furniture, beds, televisions, and other appliances.

Power lines torn down by the falling tree set off sparks, threatening to set the property on fire, said Camile Latchman.

Living in a neighbouring structure on the premises with two toddlers and her mother, she said that Tropical Storm Grace gusty winds ripped off zinc roofing.

The family was forced to find safety in a corner of the house as they watched the buckets of rainfall pouring in.

Ms Latchman’s mother, Bridget Stewart, was distressed as she pointed out the water-damaged items that were laid out in the sun to dry.

“We wet up, man. Come in like a outside we deh!” she exclaimed.

With nowhere else to live, homeowner Marlon Sutherland is appealing for assistance from state officials as he is already prepared to rebuild. Sutherland said that the first step towards recovery was getting assistance to remove the rubble and the tree.

Senior director of corporate services of the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), Richard Thompson, told reporters that shelter arrangements and other welfare assistance would be made available to the affected residents.

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Rosa Taylor
Rosa Taylor
Aug 19, 2021

Thank you for keeping us up to date especially the Jamaican news as my family are there

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