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In The Mix enables black content creators to shine through.

BBC Studios TalentWorks and Black Creators Matter, along with the Barbican are teaming up to launch In The Mix 2022.


Initially the Black Creators Matter started out as a movement in 2019 to break down the barriers and marginalisation that the black community has faced. By BBC TalentWorks partnering up with this creative agency it demonstrates to society that this is the direction we should be heading towards.

Audrey Solvar, the founder of Black Creators Matter expressed how valuable this partnership will be for the black community: “We are thrilled to launch IN THE MIX with BBC Studios TalentWorks. This collaboration will allow us to create original content with our community and celebrate our shared commitment to black creators”.

This partnership allows four successful black content creators to gain commission to create and produce a short film for the BBC Reel, which will be showcased at a red carpet event at the Barbican in London in November.

This platform of finding new talent in the creative arts sector will provide an opportunity for black content creators that have not been recognised previously.

The creators will also be mentored by experienced producers, which will enable the successful four applicants to gain knowledge from industry professionals, educational workshops and will have the chance to gain a vital networking opportunity.

The importance of creating this platform with the several partnerships, allows these candidates to express themselves to their full potential.

Katrina Bell, the development producer at BBC TalentWorks highlighted her support on this launch: ‘“We’re passionate about supporting new talent, and we’re excited to be partnering with Black Creators Matter to offer this opportunity for four emerging creators to develop their craft. We’re looking forward to celebrating their work at the Barbican later this year.”


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