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Hundreds of Afghan students took the university entrance test on a huge lowland

Not even Covid-19 and none of the difficulties that the pandemic brought can stop the craving for knowledge and the desire to give yourself an education.

Trying to comply with all the rules of social distancing, football fields, parks, outdoor areas and beaches are now becoming the preferred location for admission tests and exams all over the world, just as happened in Afghanistan, where hundreds of women took their university admission test on a large lowland where they could be socially distanced.

Image credit Afghanistan The Beautiful via Facebook

The images of the Afghan students who populated the Daykundi, one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan, waiting to take the state university entrance exams in complete safety are traveling around the world. A total of 210,000 students are expected to enrol in university in 2020, and none of the worries nor uncertainties related to the Coronavirus pandemic have stopped these young women.

Image credit Afghanistan The Beautiful via Facebook

These historical images demonstrate once again that, despite the current concerns and dangers, despite the poverty of the country and the daily struggle of the women of Afghanistan to receive adequate education, the desire to redeem, persistence and tenacity wins to build a better world in the future.

Good luck, girls!

Image credit Afghanistan The Beautiful via Facebook


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