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History of black, Asian, and ethnic minorities to be taught in Wales schools

Credits: Sky

The Welsh Government has included learning about community diversity in the new Curriculum for Wales guidance, which is awaiting final approval by the Senedd next month. The announcement falls on the first day of Black History Month.

Wales is going to become the first country in the United Kingdom to make it obligatory for all children to learn about the history and experiences of individuals of African, Asian, and other ethnic backgrounds.

Teachers and other education experts have been working on the new curricular framework, which will be implemented in September of next year.

It consists of six learning areas as well as mandatory "Statements of What Matters" elements.

The Welsh government has contributed £500,000 to the group's efforts.

"It is critically important that our education system enables our young people to comprehend and respect their own and each other's histories, cultures, and traditions," Education Minister Jeremy Miles said.

"If we are to advance as a society, we must create an education system that broadens our understanding and knowledge of the different cultures that have shaped Wales' and the world's past and present," he continued.

"The story of Wales is the story of its people," GMB senior organiser Mike Payne said, adding that the union was glad that the views and experiences of individuals from black, Asian, and ethnic minority communities were "finally being recognized and taught on the curriculum."

"Curriculum for Wales 2022 offers schools a unique chance, not just to build a bespoke curriculum tailored to the setting of the school, but also to address the wider context," said Kerina Hanson, president of school leaders' union NAHT Cymru.

"The growth of our children and young people as ethical, knowledgeable citizens who are well prepared for the future," she added of the new framework.

"This can only help Wales become a more egalitarian society in the future," she continued.


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