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Hackney Carnival coming directly to your home

Hackney Carnival 2020 is to be postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak, but the borough is to join forces to create a virtual version of the infamous festivities called Hackney Carnival at Home.

Twelve local carnival groups who regularly contribute to the annual September parade, have made a collection of films which showcase the creativity and local pride of Hackney Carnival.

The films will be published on the Hackney Carnival Facebook page, as well as the Hackney website and this early summer. This means residents will be treated to an earlier, and longer, version of the event which originally takes place over one day.

There will be a series of online cultural activities being funded by the Council, which includes the Windrush Generations Festival and Discover Young Hackney, as they support Hackney’s artistic community during lockdown and the challenges of social distancing.

Carnival At Home films will start off with arts and craft tutorials from Jun Mo Generation, sailor outfit designing from Soca Massive Fancy Sailors UK, and dance workouts courtesy of Tropical Isles and Dimensions Entertainment.

Other Carnival groups taking part are: Taru Arts, Blema Dancers, Soca Sagaboys, Yaram Arts, Urban Touch, Pantonic Steel Orchestra, Jamboulay Carnival Arts Promotion, Paracarnival.

Hackney Carnival At Home team 2020, Pax Nindi, Marva Antoine, Deb Mullins and Manuela Benini said: "It’s been great to work together to give Hackney Carnival an online presence and channel the passion and talent from the carnival groups who would usually be busy gearing up for the parade.

"The online offering also means that for the first time, people from anywhere in the world can access a taste of the Hackney Carnival experience and it will provide an exciting look ahead to 2021 when we hope to be together again."

Source: Voice Online


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