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Football Black List announces news to diversify awards

Football Black List has announced that it will add two new award categories to its annual celebration to help highlight the contribution of black LGBT+ and black disabled people in football.

The move by Football Black List follows a call made by Sky Sports News presenter Jessica Creighton for the awards night to pay specific tributes to members of the black LGBT+ community.

Image credit: Women's Sport Trust

On Twitter, Creighton said: "True equality doesn't come about by focusing on the struggle of just one marginalised group. We lead interconnected lives, so true inclusivity comes from ensuring everyone - no matter which marginalised group they belong to - is seen and heard".

Co-founders of Football Black List Leon Mann and Rodney Hinds responded swiftly by agreeing to the idea and also putting in place an award to recognise the excellence and achievements of black disabled people in the sport.

Image credit: Premier League website

The highly respected awards night highlights black industry professionals who are positive influencers and role models. The initiative ultimately aims to reach out to the next generation of aspiring sportsmen and sportsmen as a way of helping to diversify the industry.

Creighton has praised the proactive and efficient response by Football Black List's founders, in which Mann replied: "We can only be judged by our actions".


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