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EXCLUSIVE: Congolese Doctor is the man behind Madagascar’s herbal mix to fight Covid-19

Congolese President, Felix Tshisekedi, has instructed his Ambassador in France to immediately deliver a Congolese passport to Dr Jérôme Munyangi in Madagascar and facilitate his travel to the capital Kinshasa.

Dr Jérôme Munyangi is the man behind the drafting of a protocol which led to the manufacture of “COVID-organics”, "miracle" remedy of the Malagasy government for the prevention and the treatment of Covid-19.

Doctor Jerome Munyangi, the young Man who discovered Madagascar's "Covid-organics" herbal drink, for treatment of Coronavirus

As other countries across the globe are struggling to get the medical supplies to fight Covid-19, Madagascar announced recently that it had a herbal concoction that was successful against coronavirus in seven days.

Indeed, the President of Madagascar, Andry Rajoelina, officially introduced the bottled herb saying it will be a preventative measure against the disease. “School children should be given this to drink… little by little throughout the day,” President Rajoelina told the diplomats and dignitaries gathered for the launch of COVID-Organics at the Malagasy Institute of Applied Research (Imra), which developed the tonic.

“Tests have been carried out. Two people have now been cured by this treatment. Schoolchildren should be given this to drink… little by little throughout the day,” the President said. Dr Charles Andrianjara, Imra’s Director-General, agreed that COVID-organics should be used for prevention. He was more cautious about its use as a cure but said that clinical observations had shown “a trend towards its effectiveness as a curative remedy.”

Bottles of COVID-organics. Image credit Africanews

Despite Dr Munyangi research and the President of Madagascar's proclaims of a very effective treatment, yet, warnings from the World Health Organisation that its efficacy is unverified still persist.

“…I am the author of the proposal for the protocol on all African governments of COVID Artemisia,” Dr Jérôme Munyangi told a Congolese journalist during an exclusive interview. For the past six years, Dr Jérôme Munyangi has been working on an alternative malaria treatment based on Artemisia, a tropical plant also found in East Africa and already marketed for its medicinal properties.

Dr Jérôme Munyangi obtained his medical degree from the University of Kinshasa. After his master degrees at Paris Diderot University and another at the University of Ottawa, he was recruited in 2011 by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a researcher on neglected tropical diseases.

Madagascar donations of Covid-19 cure to Equatorial Guinea. Image credit African News

President Tshisekedi contacted his counterpart in Madagascar and discussed the return of Dr Jérôme Munyangi. “I responded favourably to his call after a discussion with the authorities in my country. I look forward to my flight. I have already obtained my passport. It was our Embassy in Paris that delivered it to me. The President of the Republic wants to see me in Kinshasa as soon as possible. It could be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow,” said Dr Munyangi.

Despite the news of his return, Dr Munyangi asked the Congolese authorities to guarantee his safety when he returned to the country.


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