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"Dedicated and loving" nurse dies from Coronavirus

A "dedicated and loving" nurse with coronavirus has died, five weeks after first being placed on a ventilator.

Onyenachi Obasi, 51, had been working as a health visitor and nurse. Her family said Onyenachi "gave her life doing what she loved".

"We are just heartbroken. She was really loving, really sweet and a really cute person. She loved her job, but that is what caused her to fall ill in the first place" said niece, Ijeoma Uzoukwu.

Based in Barking and Dagenham, Ms Obasi had no underlying health conditions and told her family that she felt she had a duty to work, and help out during the pandemic. However, a few days after caring for a Covid-positive patient, she became ill before eventually being admitted to hospital.

Ms Obasi was placed on a ventilator for five weeks and was slowly recovering before she caught an infection. Sadly, she passed away in the early hours of May 6, at Queen’s Hospital.

Ijeoma Uzoukwu, will be organising a fundraiser to help pay for her aunt’s funeral. So far, £12,700 has been raised, donations can be made via GoFundMe.

Source: Itv News

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