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Cynthia Chang: Believed to be the first Chinese woman cycling solo across Britain

Cynthia Chang at Land's End

Cynthia Chang believes that she may be the first Chinese woman to cycle solo from Land's End to John O'Groats. She spoke to Powell and Barns media and discussed this incredible feat.

Cynthia explained it was quite the adventure for her, as she is new to cycling. She said: "To be honest it was a new experience for me as I am new cyclist".

This was also an opportunity for Cynthia to see what Britain had to offer as she was not too familiar with some areas across Britain. She said: "I had only seen Land's end before so I was really looking forward to see John O'Groats. It was a new experience for me and it was interesting to see how much was different on both ends of Britain, whether that was the scenery or the people".

Despite the fact that Cynthia got to see a lot during this experience, Cynthia did point out the challenges that comes with it: "The process of riding a bike for the first and last day was mentally different and showed me how mentally and physically tough it can be".

Cynthia Chang at John O'Groats

Cynthia was inspired to take on this challenge after her friends suggested her to do it.

"My friends suggested me to do the challenge and I thought it would be an amazing experience as I would get to see lots of things. The more I thought about it, I started to train for it and then I realised how hard it will be to continually ride for that long and so I started to look into it to see how others got on".

This was when Cynthia realised that she couldn't find any records of other Chinese women doing this and made her come to conclusion that she might be the first Chinese woman to do this. She said: "That’s the time I found that there's no publications about Chinese women doing this as a solo cyclist".

Due to this revelation, Cynthia was motivated to create a documentary about this achievement. She said: "This inspired me to want to make a documentary about this experience to share what happened and what I gained. I want to share this and encourage people to do this challenge as well".


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