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Covid-19: Positive news update in the UK

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, it is often hard to separate from daily news that may come across as repetitive and daunting. Which is why we at Urban Kapital have outlined community-based news, which are positively having an impact in your neighbourhood and throughout the UK.

Giffgaff to donate 500 phones to isolated elderly people

Giffgaff has partnered with Doro, a company that provides telecommunications solutions for seniors and are to donate 500 phones to isolated elderly people across the UK, as part of a initiative to tackle loneliness during Covid-19.

Each Doro 5516 phone is delivered with unlimited calls and texts alongside 2GB of data per month, a headset and an assistance button that Doro advisors can use to dispatch emergency services if needed.

Ashley Schofield, chief executive of Giffgaff, said: "As much now as ever, a sense of community is vital, which is why following on from the announcement of our recent 'goodybank' initiative to help the most vulnerable members in society, we’ve partnered with Doro.

"Living in isolation is tough for everyone, but the elderly may find themselves in a greater state of stress and suffering from loneliness. We hope that by providing these phones that it will help them stay connected with loved ones and bring some much-needed respite in these trying times."

Co-op provides support to commuters

Central England Co-operative is opening stores to provide free services for bikers and walkers commuting to and from work during the coronavirus pandemic.

To help maintain social distancing and ease pressure on public transport, the retailer will provide free water refills, phone charging points, free bike-repair kits, as well as indoor and outdoor seating to commuters. On top of this, they will be introducing bicycle-repair stations for the general public across Co-op’s 262 stores.

Debbie Robinson, chief executive of Central England Co-op, said: "As a co-operative, our communities are always at the heart of all our decisions, especially during these uncertain times.

"Anyone commuting to or from work can nip into one of our stores and enjoy free access to all different kinds of support, from customer toilets and water refills to special charging points and special store bike repair kits."

VO5 helps barbers tackle mental health

Hair-care brand VO5 has started a campaign called "Long for barbers", which encourages people to donate to The Lions Barber Collective, to train barbers to spot signs of mental distress in customers and direct them to a resource that will support them.

VO5 has donated £10,000 to this project, which comprises 160,000 hairdressers and barbers in the UK. Tom Chapman, founder of The Lions Barber Collective, said: "With the donation from VO5 alone, we can train just over 65 hair pros with a potential reach of over 32,000 people each week.

"The idea is not to make barbers into counsellors or psychiatrists, but to enable them to bridge the gap between the communities we serve and the resources that are available, while providing a safe non-judgmental safe space to share, open up and or offload."

Brixton Finishing School announces free virtual course

Brixton Finishing School has revealed a free 10-week virtual course to provide essential skills to aspiring talent.

Available to 18- to 25-year-olds and starting on 29 June, the course comprises classes and workshops, and features a range of industry speakers, including contributors from Clear Channel, R/GA, LinkedIn and M&C Saatchi.

The purpose of this programme is to increase employability centred on personal branding, interviewing and CV writing.

Brixton Finishing School has also highlighted plans for a virtual work experience week, taking place during 13-19 July. Which aims to introduce 14 to 19 year-olds to the world of advertising, through speakers and mini-challenges, in partnership with Speakers for Schools.

EasyJet unveils comics-inspired face masks for young flyers

EasyJet has joined forces with Irish comic-book artist Will Sliney, to launch a series of comics-inspired face masks for children travelling during the pandemic.

Two reusable styles – "Lion" and "Pilot" – will be free for children flying with easyJet from airports across Europe this summer, as flights are expected to resume on 15 June.

Passengers will be provided with a new pre-flight safety video, created by Taylor Herring, that showcases EasyJet's Covid-19 security measures, including new air-filtration technology and self-scanners for boarding passes.

James Herring, chief executive of Taylor Herring, said: "The airport environment and in-flight experience could feel different and possibly daunting for younger travellers when flying resumes later this month.

"The idea is to raise awareness and normalise the necessity for face coverings at the airport and on board. We hope these fun masks will help children enjoy flying with easyJet while making things a little easier for parents too."


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