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Content with Creation launches media training for young men who feel underrepresented in London

Content with Creation CIC, is a new and exciting organisation, set up to provide accredited media training and online broadcasting for young people across the city of London. Kicking off its Pilot media course in East London, the organisation aims to specifically engage young men who feel underrepresented or have been affected by negative experiences, such as economic disadvantage, low educational attainment, and social exclusion – all known factors that underlie bad decision making which can lead to involvement in violence or gang crime.

Founder and Director, Darren Edwards set up the organisation after reflection on his own past experiences and believes that young people who find themselves at a social and economic disadvantage, usually feel voiceless.

Darren says:

“We aim to be the UK’s number one community focused channel, providing young people with a platform to represent their voice, tackle negative stereotyping and explore solutions through positive content creation such as: documentary, film, Podcasts, music-based content and more.

The issues surrounding youth violence are ongoing and evidence shows a direct correlation between economic disadvantage, social deprivation, self-perception and access to opportunity. Combined with a pressurised environment created by social media, music and negative media representation, many young people are expressing their frustrations in an ‘un-managed’ way, producing content on their phones and other devices, but without a dedicated facility that can help them to harness their skills, find positive routes of expression or develop skills that can lead to income generation”.

Content with Creation is providing a 12 week Pilot course from January 2023. Media training and work opportunities are available to young people aged 15 – 25 affected by multiple adversity. The training courses are aimed at young people in East London who may have low educational attainment, leading to limited job opportunities and experience, those leaving the criminal justice system, or at risk of offending or re-offending, young people at risk of criminal exploitation due to poverty or those affected by crime and violence.

To register interest or to refer a young person visit:


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