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Claudia Webbe, MP - Granted Appeal Against Harassment Charge but faces vile racist abuse online

Claudia Webbe, the Member of Parliament for Leicester East, has been granted an appeal against her conviction of harassment. The appeal is due to take place between 9th and 11th March 2022 at Southwark Crown Court.

Ms Webbe has consistently maintained her innocence and is determined to clear her name and says she wants the appeal heard as quickly as possible.

She will continue to serve the people of Leicester East, which remains her focus and priority.

The MP was accused of threatening Michelle Merrit, who had allegedly been pursuing a relationship with Ms Webb’s partner. A serious accusation was reported in the mainstream press that Ms Webbe threatened to throw acid on Ms Merrit. An unfounded accusation Claudia Webbe vehemently denies.

Racist abuse:

Ms Webbe has been the subject of vile and racist abuse. One person has recently been charged in connection with threats made against her. The alternative news website Sqwakbox published what they described as a ‘litany of vile, racist abuse against Claudia Webbe.

The comments ran to 14 pages of abuse. The news site said that this case had brought out the ‘Vileness from the woodwork’. The disgusting messages have been targeted directly at Claudia Webbe’s social media accounts and makes for disturbing reading. Some unedited extracts below:

Social media screenshots credit: Sqwawkbox

A campaign group #Friends4Claudia has been set up to support Ms Webbe after concerns were raised about the conviction, and what the group describe as biased media reporting, “designed to destroy her career and her personal reputation as a high-profile black female politician” according to one campaigner.

“Standing by Claudia Webbe is extremely important and necessary.Trial by Press or Hearsay is wrong and the Press should only be allowed to report what’s said on the audio recordings and not try to imply threats were made. In the tape (played in court) we heard a conversation that did not contain any threats, Swearing, Demeaning or Vulgar Language. In my opinion there are questions to be more seriously considered such as: Why is Claudia Webbe being harassed by the Press without taped evidence? Why is Claudia Webbe being subjected to vile Racism? Why has Claudia truly been deserted by her Political Party ?

Why are we living in fear of saying the right thing? The #Friends4Claudia campaign aim, among other things, to protect Claudia Webbe’s good Work, good Character, honesty and help get back her life.” Said Dianne Skerrit.

Campaigners say that; despite her good standing as a senior politician, despite there being no evidence to support those accusations, and the fact audio recordings played in court did not contain the alleged threats and Ms Webbe is instead heard repeatedly telling the woman to leave her relationship alone. She was still convicted on the grounds the judge did not believe Ms Webbe over Ms Merrit. Campaigners say that if this had been an argument between two women in ordinary circumstances, the case would not even have made it to court.

Her lawyers ask that Ms Webbe’s privacy is respected, and the legal process is left to take its course.

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