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Bristol: Black youth group shocked over ‘missing’ Black Lives Matter funds

After Black Lives Matter (BLM) fundraiser money went missing, a black-led youth group has said it is "shocked."

In June 2020, an online fundraiser for the Bristol youth group Changing Your Mindset raised £30,000. Charity workers claim they have been struggling since not getting any funds and have reported the incident to the police.

CYM is a black led youth foundation in Bristol. Credit: BBC UK

Changing Your Mindset began as a pilot program in September 2019 and became a company in June 2020.

The youth group assists young adults in gaining life skills, career guidance, and mental health and wellness.

A spokesperson told us they were "overwhelmed" and "blown away" by the amount of donations they received in the aftermath of the BLM movement to support their cause, and that the young people they worked with were "overwhelmed" when they learned the total had reached £30,000.

The funds were to be used to cover operating expenditures as well as an educational trip to Africa for the organization's youth.

However, no money has been received since the monies were raised.

"We have no idea where the money went; all we know is that it isn't there anymore."

They described the revelation as "shocking" and "disappointing" to the young people they work with.

The directors of the youth club stated they took action by formally requesting the money be transferred within 14 days and then reporting the situation to police after no money was returned.

The youth group's journey to Africa has been postponed since then.

"It's been a huge challenge for people to keep the business functioning on a volunteer basis." "It's also caused many sleepless nights for myself, my co-director, and my mentors," the representative added.

The incident is currently being investigated by Avon and Somerset Police.


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