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BLACK CULTURAL ARCHIVES What a strange place the world has become.

We began 2020 with an ambitious set of plans for BCA’s year. These plans are now having to flex around the greatest global, and social, health challenge since the AIDS pandemic. Though BCA’s building at 1 Windrush Square is temporarily closed until it is safe for us to return, here are some of things we're looking forward to sharing with you.


Picture credit: Graham Turner

we re-open 1 Windrush Square...

...we’ll be able to share with you the full experience of our Breaking Barriers exhibition, in which noted photographer Joy Gregory (pictured below) has created new portraits of leading Black women to inspire the next generation, and to celebrate Black excellence.

Until then we are working behind the scenes to get a version of the exhibition online for you to enjoy.

Continue to speak up for Windrush...

...we’ll be back in action with our in-person surgeries that connect people affected by the Windrush Scandal with free legal advice.

Until then we are creating online advice material, and working with our friends at the JCWI, NAZ Charity, Runnymede Trust and more to hold the government to account, lobbying together on issues from the outcomes of the Windrush Lessons Learned report to demanding an inquiry into the disproportionate rate of infections from our communities from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Picture credit: Runnymede Trust

We pay tribute...

We are incredibly saddened that our Patron, Dame Jocelyn Barrow, has passed. We have a tribute to her on our website, and have re-published an interview with her by Patrick Vernon.

In June’s Windrush Commemoration activities, we will be sharing more about how influential and how important Dame Jocelyn is to the development of BCA, racial equality campaigns, education and even the BBC. Dame Jocelyn is one of kind. We are grateful for her life.


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