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Birmingham woman sheds light on organ donation after record breaking lung transplant

18 months ago, 5 surgeons and 35 support staff at the Royal Papworth Hospital in Birmingham, performed a record breaking 5 organ transplants in just 36 hours. Two men and three women, aged between 27 to 67, received between them, 2 hearts, 2 sets of lungs and one single lung transplant.

One of the recipients was 47 year old Michelle Hemmings from Birmingham.

Pictured above: Michelle Hemmings

Michelle has now dedicated her life to raising awareness about the importance of organ donation, and she is particularly keen to encourage more people from Black and Multi-Ethnic communities to consider organ donation in the UK.

Despite the operation being so recent. Michelle entered the ‘Transplant Games’ this year to raise awareness. Michelle tells us how the transplant has made a massive difference to her life.

Pictured above: Michelle with celebrity guests and supporters.

Grateful for the new quality of life she has since her successful transplant, Michelle says it is important for people to understand why people are on the organ donor list. She says, although organ donation is not affected in any way by racial profiling, she does think there could be more awareness amongst Black and Minority Ethnic groups.

Michelle is raising money for the Royal Papworth hospital as a way of ‘giving back’. In addition to the transplant games, she recently hosted a black tie gala and she has her own ‘Go Fund Me’ page. When asked about her feelings toward her organ donor she says.

I will always be grateful for the decision made by that family. It literally changed my life.”

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