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Atlanta police release disturbing footage of the shooting of Rayshard Brooks

Atlanta's Police Department today released body-camera and dashboard camera footage of the attempted arrest and fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooks outside a Wendy's in Georgia two days ago.

Two Officers - Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan attempted to arrest Rayshard Brooks after finding him asleep in his car, they were seen questioning him and getting him to perform inebriation tests.

Footage shows officer Rolfe attempting to put handcuffs on Brooks before a struggle begins.

Dashcam footage showed the scuffle in more detail, Brooks, Brosnan and Rolfe all on the ground, before a taser is fired at Brooks. He takes a taser from one officer and retaliates. Moments later as he attempts to flee, three gunshots are heard, and Brooks falls to the ground. Brooks' death has sparked protests in Atlanta on Saturday night, protestors appeared to blame Wendy’s staff for the incident as they allegedly called police on the sleeping Brooks. During the protest, Wendy's where Rolfe was shot was set on fire.


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