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Amir Khan was escorted off an American Airlines flight which he believes was racially motivated

British boxer Amir Khan. Credit: Steven Paston/PA.

Amir Khan has came forward and claims that he was removed from an American Airlines flight due to racially motivated reasons.

Khan was supposed to fly to a training camp in Colorado from New York on the 18th of September.

The British Boxer spoke to Sky regarding his experience with the airline. In an interview with Kay Burley, Khan was asked if he believes his removal was racially motivated. He responded by saying: "Definitely definitely. I’m going to stand by that".

Khan continued by saying: "It was 9/11 a week before that, then having two Asian boys sat at the front … I hope I’m wrong. But I had done nothing wrong. I got kicked off a plane for no reason and it was embarrassing for us”.

American Airlines have disagreed with this version of events. They argued that they had Khan and his colleague deplaned after they repeatedly ignored crew member's pleas to store luggage, follow face mask requirements and to put phones in airplane mode.

The boxer has since been banned from American Airlines flights, but also its parent company OneWorld.


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