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90 migrants intercepted by boarder control for crossing English Channel

Six boats carrying 90 migrants have been intercepted by Border Force boats after attempting to cross the English Channel.

The occupants of the six boats, one of which carried 25 people, were brought to Dover, Kent, to be dealt with by immigration authorities.

Since the coronavirus lockdown, more than 900 migrants have crossed to the UK. On VE day a total of 145 migrants made the dangerous crossing.

Minister for Immigration Compliance and the Courts Chris Philp said: "Today's incidents are the result of criminals smuggling people into the country illegally.

"Criminal intelligence continues to be shared between the NCA and French authorities and substantial French law enforcement deployment prevented a number of further boats crossing this morning."

Chris Philip mentioned the cases have been dealt with the immigration rules and migrants are to return to their country.

On Saturday, a Border Force coastal patrol vessel intercepted the first boat that had 10 men from Sudan and Libya, an additional of 12 men from Syria and Iran were found in the second boat.

The third boat was found carrying 14 men who said they were Syrian, Iranian, Senegalese, Iraqi and Yemeni - with 11 men and four women from Algeria, Kuwait, Iraq and Syria in the fourth boat.

The fifth boat to be intercepted carried 21 men and four women from Iraq and Iran; and the final boat had 11 men and three women from Eritrea, Iran and Afghanistan.

Source: Sky News


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