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Snap wants to hire more minorities and women in tech roles to promote diversity

Snap Inc, the parent of photo messaging app Snapchat that became very popular among young generations, yesterday pledged to double the number of minorities and women staff in its tech teams.

In 2019, the company revealed that women represented the 32.9% of Snap’s global workforce, but makeup only 16.1% of its tech teams, according to the company’s first annual diversity report.

A billboard displays the logo of Snapchat above Times Square in New York. Image credit REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/File Photo

In order to increase its gender diversity within its tech teams whose gender balance is currently quite low, the social media company said that it will double the number of women in tech roles by 2023.

Also, Snap added that it aimed to double the number of underrepresented racial and ethnic minorities in the United States by 2025.

Yet, the findings of the annual diversity report mirrored the limited progress made by worldwide tech heavyweights in employing more women and minorities.


Snap Inc declared that they “Are determined to do what it takes to improve these numbers because behind the numbers are real people”.

Hopefully, this giant social media company will be a role model for other worldwide influential corporations to take a different approach to increase and promote inclusivity and diversity.


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