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Republican Senator calls slavery "the necessary evil" that built America.

Tom Cotton has reignited public opinion in the United States, with controversial comments about the slavery of millions of Africans in the United States, which THE Arkansas Republican Senator called "the necessary evil on which it was built." the Union".

Tom Cotton. Image credit: ABC International

Statements made by the 40-year-old senator, were released on Sunday. He is said to be planning a presidential bid in 2024. The comments were released in an interview with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette where Cotton was referring to the law he introduced last week called the "Saving American History Act 2020, which he says “aims to ban the use of federal funds to teach "Project 1619," an initiative from the New York Times that aims to reformulate the history of the United States from August 1619 with the forced arrival of the first African slaves to the Virginia coast

According to the senator's office, the law "would prohibit the use of federal funds to teach Project 1619 by K-12 schools or school districts." Schools that teach Project 1619 would also not be eligible for federal professional development grants.

With an apparent reputation for controversial opinion. In June, the Arkansas senator received strong criticism for publishing an opinion column in the New York Times with the title "Send the Troops." In the column, he lashed out against people who took to the streets to demonstrate against racism and the death of George Floyd.

Later, the Republican shared the link to a note on his Twitter with the message: «The nation must restore order. The army is ready ».

"If local law enforcement is overwhelmed and needs support, let's see how tough these antifa terrorists are when they take on the 101st Airborne Division," Cotton tweeted. He quickly had the support of US President Donald Trump, who shared Cotton's publication and thanked him with a message that read: «100% correct. Thanks tom!".

SOURCE: ABC International

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